Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Personal Image: Week 5

This picture may be old, but it sure brings back some old high school memories! This picture was taken during my senior year of high school. The woman to my right is Katherine Cook, a KGW news reporter for channel 8 in Portland. She was such a great inspiration for me to finish my project! She always gave me encouragement to do better and never give up! My senior project consisted of my journalism skills into a Portland project. I thought it would be great to work with an ACTUAL real news reporter! It was great, and I'm glad that my senior project opened many doors for me. I wouldn't have met Katherine without this senior project of mine! Even now, we still keep in touch...she's always interested to know how i'm doing in college. She graduated from Western Oregon University, but she's been to SOU a couple of times! I also remember the journalism advice that she gave me. She taught me how to effectively project my voice and improve my broadcast writing skills. That's the whole reason for me holding a microphone and a camera in my hands! They were both used for not only my senior project, but to have a hands on experience on what the newscasting world would be like! I learned alot on how to interview people as well as editing my footage. It was basically my journalism skills to the test! I honestly hope I can do a similar project for my senior capstone!

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