Friday, April 9, 2010

Visual Research: Week 2.

There are so many ways to describe how an individual can feel or interpret this image. For me, however, I feel both both the positive and negative energy from this photo. I look at this image and think of how I can relate to this photo. In the image, there's a hand holding a heart with white wings, and there's a neutral, grey background. To me, the soft, neutral colors of white and grey help me to relax, and focus more on the bright, red heart. To me, this image is about knowing what your true values are, and being able to control the values in your life. The bright, red heart can represent the values in someone's life, such as power, family, love and relationships. For some people, the wings would represent innocence and staying pure until marriage. However, I interpret the wings as a way of freeing yourself, as well as being able to give yourself time to breath, relax, think and reflect on the things you value in your life. Sometimes an individual can be caught up with so much stress such as from work, school, or their relationships, that they end up not being able to reflect on the things that make them happy. The message from this image is all about giving the subconscious self time to be independent and experience the joy and values that life can bring to one's self.


  1. Hi tina,
    Can you give me any information on the copyright for this picture? Is it one of your designs? I am interested in finding the copyright holder to get permission to use it on a book cover. If you can help me, please email me at

  2. Oh hi there Jan!

    I'm sorry for the late reply. I never really check this blog often.

    As for the picture, I didn't create this image. Instead, I found it somewhere on Google. I don't remember the exact link or website I found it from (as this is an older blog I wrote from years ago).

    I wish I could help you more!

    Good luck! :)