Friday, April 16, 2010

Visual Research: Week 3.

The crown, the dress, the earrings, the flowers, the make-up, the hair, and the smiles and tears, what exactly is the point of this image? Before we make assumptions that all pageant girls are spoiled or whatnot, we need to look past the image or these women. In this picture is Miss Oklahoma, Lauren Nelson, and she is crowned as the Miss America 2007 by the previous lady, Jennifer Berry, who is the Miss America 2006. The reason for me posting this image is because I myself, am competing for an upcoming local pageant, which is the Miss Southern Oregon 2010 pageant. The pageant is a little less than a couple weeks from now, and sometimes I have my doubts of whether I should be competing or not. If I were to decide to quit and not compete, then I would be questioning myself later. I would be having thoughts like, "what would of happened if I had competed?" Then again, I do compete, this will conflict with my school work and such. So it's kinda like I have to weigh in my pro's and con's to competing or not competing. And so back to the whole assumptions against women who compete in pageants. It's alot more work than you think it is...especially for any pageant for Miss America. By this, I don't mean wearing your crown/tiara and complaining about how heavy it is. For the Miss America pageant, you actually have to care for your community and your position as Miss whoever the local pageant you win for. This is called a platform, and you basically pick an issue or community service organization that you care about. This can run from, aids, breast cancer, environmental issues, awareness etc... Then there's the interview, swimwear, talent, evening gown, and the on stage question that all the contestants have to prepare for. Anyway, my point is, is that there is ALOT of hard work that goes on before the night of the pageant. And so, this image basically represents the ultimate dream and experience that the majority of the contestants want on the night on crowning. Many contestants will imagine the crown getting placed on their head. It's kind of like a vision of the image above. The vision isn't just about looking "pretty" or winning a crown or the title of Miss America, but rather it's about being able to achieve the dream of helping others around your platform, and overall, being a role model to those around you.

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