Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 9: Personal Image! WOOT LAST ONE! =D.

Yes, this is channel 5 news in Medford, Oregon. I felt like I had to post this because this is memorable to me. Last term, I interned at this news station for quite a while. It was a great experience because I got to learn more about myself. I discovered that I truly did have a passion for broadcasting and journalism. This picture is special to me because this was taken on my first day of the internship. It felt so great so finally sit down in front of an actual LIVE broadcast. I got to see the behind the scenes work and how the news anchors read their prompters. It's also interesting how they talk in between off-air time and commercial breaks. The anchors in this picture are Nate and Christina. They both have contributed to my learning and experience at channel 5. I hope to continue this positive experience at another news station this summer!

Week 9: Visual Research

I have been so stressed over finals, projects, essays...what else could stress me out right now?! That's okay, I have this image to remind me that spring term 2010 is almost over with! It's crazy how far I have gotten this year! I still question myself if this is reality. Am I really in college now? Just about a year ago, I never thought I'd be out of high school and into the college world. It's almost been a year since I've been in college now! The even weirder thing about this situation is that I will be a senior next year! How did I do it? I worked my butt off I can tell you that! I guess those classes I took at a community college during high school finally paid off! So this image basically represents that situation. I am a huge fan of dogs, so not only is this picture cute, but it also reminds me that I am almost done! The dogs to me represent satisfaction, luck and energy. If I keep working harder each term, I will eventually get to the finish line!

Week 9: Lab Assignment #9.

PLEASE SEE LAB ASSIGNMENT #8. The book assignment was our last assignment of the term. Enjoy! =).

Week 8: Personal Image

This week, I decided to post pictures of my dorm! The end of term is getting closer and I am starting to reflect on how much I will miss my hall and dorm! It was a great experience, and I believe living on campus connects you to so many people! If it wasn't for me living in the dorms, my social and academic life would not be the safe. Living on campus gives you the opportunity to get involved, meet new people, use many resources and overall broaden your university life. Hawthorne is the hall I am currently living in. It's sad to say good-bye to it. =(.

I love pink, which is why my R.A. [resident assistant] always makes a pink name tag for my door every term! =)

Here is the living room of Hawthorne. The TV is great for alot of people to chill and hang out!

There's alot of explanation for why I have posted the following pictures. As you may already know, a couple of halls in Cascade were tagged with hate graffiti. So to support the residents/students of this incident, there are posters around the Cascade complex so spread the positivity in our environment. It's so beautiful to walk around with this type of energy. I hope everyone can take the time to really look, feel and engage themselves into these posters. We should never hate or judge someone, and nobody should feel uncomfortable with being themselves around campus.

This is just beautiful. The drawing of the leaves, the butterfly, the colors, and the message of "Keep Love Alive" says it all. It's so relaxing to be reminded of thinking positive and spreading around the love.

Week 8: Visual Research

There are three things that I will always love in life: Pink, Lady Gaga, and Texas! However, dogs are always going to be a part of my interests as well! Now, I would never do anything like this to my dog, but I still think the color of this dog's fur is amazing! Wouldn't it be cool is dogs were genetically born with pink fur? When I think of dogs, they remind me of cuteness, luck and positive energy. Everytime I look at this image, it makes me smile and relaxes me. This is the type of image I would like to hang in my wall because it's so calm and joyful. It's just one of those images where you can stare at it for a long time without noticing anything else...and that image is this one to me.

Week 8: Lab Assignment #8: Book

And so, those are my top 7 websites for college students...ranking from #7 of Twitter to #1 of Facebook. This is just my personal opinion and I hope to some extent, some college students will find this helpful! These are great resources to use for social-networking, essays, research, or various other uses for academic life or social life. As for the editing process, for each page I used the program InDesign, and I created a background, logo, image and a textbox. The words of the textboxes are from Wikipedia.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Week 7: Personal Image

My favorite image of my blog posts! Before you think about what's going on in the image, let me first introduce you to my former brother-in-law, Richard Cranor. (Yes, he's the tall white man standing out in the picture with boxing gloves lol!) He's been with me through the good and the bad times. Rich never fails to make me personal advice to get my through my challenges and struggles. To be honest, nobody in my family cares about me as much as he does. I might even be closer to him than I am to anyone else in my family. Anyway, so you're probably wondering, "what the hell is going on in this image?" Well if you knew my brother-in-law, you would understand his ego and what is going on. Rich is a really fun and outgoing person. Rarely, you will ever see him caught up in negative thoughts or energy around him. He's one of the reasons why I think so positively in my life...he really is right. Positivity is the best medicine. The positive energy you create really does reflect how you view and experience life. So, back to this image. This image was taken when Rich was going through his cancer days. This is basically his "cancer-free" tiger-themed event. Notice how he still keeps his head up? From this image, you can tell that he wants to have fun and BOX up haha. However I believe the boxing gloves do symbolize something: fighting back cancer. It's sad, and I don't want to go too much in detail about this, but I believe that this image explains alot. While trying to keep up a positive attitude, Rich is boxing/fighting back that cancer! As for the Asian guys in the background...they look awfully scared! =/ Ehh, Rich tends to give that vibe to people from time to time. (Just kidding Rich!) Like I said, if you really get to know him...he's a chill and laid back man. To add a little bit of humor to this image, I had to add the "pow" and the "Oh no!" to the picture. I hope Rich enjoys seeing this when he reads this blog!

Week 7: Visual Research

This image is all about being able to appreciate the things you have in life. The colors, the look and the feel, really bring out the message of this image. I like how the eye is staring out into the open. To me, this represents being able to dream big and reach out for your goals and passion. I like how the colors blend in with the trees and the wind. This represents a sense of calmness and the beauty of nature. We have to be able to appreciate the beauty of nature that the world has offered. We also have the opportunity to interact with the people around us as we reach further into our dreams. This image shows how success comes from being able to appreciate our values. The "eye" sees that opportunity is awaiting and it is up to us to be able to take this opportunity. I like how the scenery of this image gives us a sense of calmness and appreciation of beauty in our world.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Assignment #7- Table of Contents

Thanks Dennis for helping me with this! I think it looks great! I have learned how to create a page layout for a magazine! I didn't realize how many steps we had to go through to get this done! From the margins, lines, columns, images, textboxes, page numbers, colors, fonts and font sizes, wow there is so much work to do!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Personal Image- Week 6

This drawing was taken from the hallway of my dorm. After the hate graffiti that had happened in Hawthorne of Cascade complex, this drawing was put in the hallway to support the residents with the message of "LOVE." I love how the colors of pink, red, purple and white really do blend in together. I get a very soft and sensitive touch in this drawing! I really appreciate this person's work because it really shows how someone cares enough to make us feel positive about ourselves. This is definitely a confidence booster because the Care Bear symbolizes friendship through love and support. I hope that this drawing influences someone else to think positively and spread the love. I hope others will get a similar message when observing this image.

Visual Research- Week 6

Mother's Day is obviously this weekend...I hope everyone bought their flowers in advance! I myself bought some flowers for my mom and this image is similar to what I bought for her. I like flowers to be beautiful and signify love. Of course, knowing my mom, she wouldn't care how the flowers look. It's the thought of wishing her a Mother's Day and feelings that I have for her that count. Despite that fact, I still wanted to treat her to flowers this year though! She likes the color red and pink, so I wanted to give her something in that color range. To me, I think that red and pink signify joy, care, love and support. This image shows the beautiful pink flowers blending in with the purple flowers. I love how the flowers just stand out in to you in this image. The background is fair and white, but all the attention goes to the flowers and the vase..that's what makes this image so beautiful. We are focusing on the colors and the beauty of these flowers. I love how flowers can make a mom smile and at the same time, they give every mom a message that their son/daughter is thinking about them!

Assignment #6- Collage

What can I say about college? My friends are my everything. Without them, I would not be able to live my college life the way it is. My friends will always be there to be listen to me. They are the reason why college is even fun! I plan on using this college for my room!

So Dennis, you have asked me earlier in the term why I think Lady Gaga is so special. I'll tell you why...just look at the pictures of her! Gaga is so unique and she doesn't care to be herself! She's not in the music industry to look at "hott" and Britney Spears like to sell her music. Look at her hair, her clothes and how the presents herself. Do you see any other artist that can pull off the outrageous hair, clothing and style that Lady Gaga has? I love her sunglasses and her hair in a cute bowtie. Lady Gaga once said in an interview that she never really fit in in high school. Gaga encourages her fans to not be afraid to truly embrace themselves. She expresses creativity through her music and style which makes her special. I truly and honestly LOVE Lady Gaga. She is my role model and my inspiration for everything in life. I hope to meet her one day. =)