Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Visual Image: Week 5

For some reason, I thought about cheerleading all week. I myself use to be a cheerleader back in high school. I miss though days...if only SOU had a better football team. (Just kidding!) Anyway, I chose an image of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad because it combines my love of TEXAS and cheerleading into one image! I have always been a fan of these young women, and I believe that they are a great inspiration for other women as well! The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders [DCC] are more than just women who dance and look pretty. They all have individual goals and they worked hard to even make the team! The judges are looking for cheerleaders with the personality as well, not just the looks and the moves! A girl coming into try-outs with a negative attitude would definitely get cut before she even makes it to finals! Anyway, I like how this image shows the cheerleaders into great action and energy! Look how happy they are in this picture! I believe that this image is showing the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders representing what Texas is all about! Texas is all about having fun and being able to enjoy yourself! These cheerleaders bring positive energy back into the environment of Texas...not just at football games only! =D

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