Friday, April 2, 2010

Personal Image Week 1.

Awww!!!! So far, I would consider this my most favorite picture of a friend. A boy and his video games...what guy doesn't enjoy playing video games in his own dorm? Anyway, the guy's name is Donny, and he's a friend and an RA (resident assistant) for Diamond hall. I often spend alot of time in this hall because I enjoy the atmosphere and friends that I have in Diamond. I personally love this image because we get to see an RA's more fun and relaxed side when he's not working around the halls in Cascade Complex. When students are living in the dorms, we often see RA's working their hardest, and so we sometimes can forget that they are human beings and students too. I think seeing Donny being able to sit back, relax, and enjoy his pleasures of playing video games is a great example of how an RA can have a life as well.

As for the expression on Donny's face, this is just too priceless and cute! I never really understood why boys like to play video games, and I don't think I ever will. However, if shopping makes us women happy, and video games make guys happy...I guess I can somewhat understand why guys play video games for enjoyment purposes. Donny's expression in this image was taken when he was playing against his friend on his Xbox. As for the game they played?....I really don't know. Anyway, it must of been a good game because Donny's excitement was showing through his facial expressions in this image. His mouth is wide open, and he's looking like he's about ready to attack his opponent in his Xbox game.

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