Thursday, April 22, 2010

Assignment #4: Scratch

I definitely made an improvement on this one! This is my second picture/attempt at our scratch lab assignment. Now, photoshop and drawing skills may not be my natural talent as other artistic people are, but I can at least learn and find my ways around this. I finally know how to use the select/deselect tool, make a shadow, using the drawing board/pen, copy/paste, make new layers, draw shapes, and blend them all together! I love that the lips has a flat color of red, and the black and brown stars blend in with the white lines/background.

This is just something I you can tell this was my first attempt! I just decided to put a black shadow of a figure blowing a kiss, draw some flowers, a heart, and put some red oval shapes in it. Then I colored all of this in, and doodled the background with some purple lines. Forgive my beginner level skills please!

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