Friday, May 7, 2010

Assignment #6- Collage

What can I say about college? My friends are my everything. Without them, I would not be able to live my college life the way it is. My friends will always be there to be listen to me. They are the reason why college is even fun! I plan on using this college for my room!

So Dennis, you have asked me earlier in the term why I think Lady Gaga is so special. I'll tell you why...just look at the pictures of her! Gaga is so unique and she doesn't care to be herself! She's not in the music industry to look at "hott" and Britney Spears like to sell her music. Look at her hair, her clothes and how the presents herself. Do you see any other artist that can pull off the outrageous hair, clothing and style that Lady Gaga has? I love her sunglasses and her hair in a cute bowtie. Lady Gaga once said in an interview that she never really fit in in high school. Gaga encourages her fans to not be afraid to truly embrace themselves. She expresses creativity through her music and style which makes her special. I truly and honestly LOVE Lady Gaga. She is my role model and my inspiration for everything in life. I hope to meet her one day. =)

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