Friday, April 9, 2010

Personal Image: Week 2.

This is the personal image I made in lab. You're probably thinking about two "blahs" right? Well, for some people, it may just be all about two blahs. However, these blahs contain hearts in them, and the background is filled with hearts as well. The colors themes are purple, pink and red. Weird combination? If you say so, but I think it represents my current situation of what i'm going through in my life. I'm sure everyone has gone through a tough break-up or rejection right? Well, this week, that situation was my case. I won't go into too much detail about my personal relationships, but I will say that I was hurt and felt somewhat heartbroken. The purple blah represents my feelings after getting hurt, while the pinkish heart in the purple blah represents how I still care about that person.
On the other hand, the red blah represents the positive energy and feelings that I have toward something new in my life. In other words, despite my broken heart, I still look forward to having new experiences everyday. However, notice how the heart in the red blah has a purple heart in it? It means to me that until I can fully recover and find the right strength and support from myself, friends and family, I will still have a part of me that is left sad and heart broken. Overall, the purple heart is going to be the wound of my heartache, and the red blah is going to be the part of my heart that is healthy and cares more about the important values in my life. The main message is, is that if I don't recover from this heartache and focus more on the things that I value, then there will always be a wound in my heart.

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