Thursday, April 22, 2010

Personal Image: Week 4

So this is basically a picture of my first drawing, and this was from the Mac drawing board and pen. At first, I started out with a black stick figure. Simple eh? Then I added some hair, and his face. However, my stick figure guy appeared very lonely just by himself. I had to add another stick figure to this drawing! So, I decided to add a different color stick figure. But this time, I wanted to add a pink stick figure, creating a female one! Of course, I had to add a smiley face and some hair on her too! After this, I had one black stick figure on the left, and a pink stick figure on the right. What story line did I create here? I wasn't even sure. So, as a girl who's really into hearts and stuff, I drew one big heart and colored it in red. I was like hmm..."Are these two boyfriend and girlfriend?" I wanted to create something that was unusual and different. So, I made the guy a "creeper" as the girl says because he pulled out his own heart! Notice how there is blood coming out of the guy's chest and on his hands? Interesting eh? He must really be interested in the girl if he pulls out his own heart for her! However, the girl on the other hand thinks he is crazy (and who wouldn't) and that this creeps her out! The guy can't resist, and he continues to confess his love and say, "But...I gave you my heart!" Poor guy. Anyway, this drawing is not intended to depict my life nor the life of others. This drawing was my first time experience with the Mac drawing board and pen.

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