Thursday, April 22, 2010

Visual Research: Week 4

Doesn't this picture seem fun and relaxing to you? I think most of us are dying for summer right now! Even though it is getting closer to half way through the term, I am still dreaming about the summer! For some reason, I was envisioning a nice cruise on a boat, with dolphins in the water. I googled for this on Google Images, and this is what I came across! This image is beautiful, and it was exactly what I imagining in my mind. I would love to go on a beautiful cruise to anywhere! The only thing that I can imagine is my hair blowing in the wind, enjoying the atmosphere and environment in this image. I adore dolphins because they are so cute and adorable! I can also imagine myself taking pictures of the dolphins when they jump out of the water. The dolphins add a nice, touching element to this image. The images is blue, which I think symbolizes a calm, cooling, relaxing, fun, and outdoors environment. This image just makes you want to appreciate the Earth, and all of the natural resources and the environment it offers. Oh how I love the sweet smell of summer! I honestly need to stop daydreaming for the next few weeks. The term is far from coming to an end. We can only hope for summer to come by faster!

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