Friday, May 7, 2010

Visual Research- Week 6

Mother's Day is obviously this weekend...I hope everyone bought their flowers in advance! I myself bought some flowers for my mom and this image is similar to what I bought for her. I like flowers to be beautiful and signify love. Of course, knowing my mom, she wouldn't care how the flowers look. It's the thought of wishing her a Mother's Day and feelings that I have for her that count. Despite that fact, I still wanted to treat her to flowers this year though! She likes the color red and pink, so I wanted to give her something in that color range. To me, I think that red and pink signify joy, care, love and support. This image shows the beautiful pink flowers blending in with the purple flowers. I love how the flowers just stand out in to you in this image. The background is fair and white, but all the attention goes to the flowers and the vase..that's what makes this image so beautiful. We are focusing on the colors and the beauty of these flowers. I love how flowers can make a mom smile and at the same time, they give every mom a message that their son/daughter is thinking about them!

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