Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 8: Personal Image

This week, I decided to post pictures of my dorm! The end of term is getting closer and I am starting to reflect on how much I will miss my hall and dorm! It was a great experience, and I believe living on campus connects you to so many people! If it wasn't for me living in the dorms, my social and academic life would not be the safe. Living on campus gives you the opportunity to get involved, meet new people, use many resources and overall broaden your university life. Hawthorne is the hall I am currently living in. It's sad to say good-bye to it. =(.

I love pink, which is why my R.A. [resident assistant] always makes a pink name tag for my door every term! =)

Here is the living room of Hawthorne. The TV is great for alot of people to chill and hang out!

There's alot of explanation for why I have posted the following pictures. As you may already know, a couple of halls in Cascade were tagged with hate graffiti. So to support the residents/students of this incident, there are posters around the Cascade complex so spread the positivity in our environment. It's so beautiful to walk around with this type of energy. I hope everyone can take the time to really look, feel and engage themselves into these posters. We should never hate or judge someone, and nobody should feel uncomfortable with being themselves around campus.

This is just beautiful. The drawing of the leaves, the butterfly, the colors, and the message of "Keep Love Alive" says it all. It's so relaxing to be reminded of thinking positive and spreading around the love.

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