Friday, May 14, 2010

Week 7: Personal Image

My favorite image of my blog posts! Before you think about what's going on in the image, let me first introduce you to my former brother-in-law, Richard Cranor. (Yes, he's the tall white man standing out in the picture with boxing gloves lol!) He's been with me through the good and the bad times. Rich never fails to make me personal advice to get my through my challenges and struggles. To be honest, nobody in my family cares about me as much as he does. I might even be closer to him than I am to anyone else in my family. Anyway, so you're probably wondering, "what the hell is going on in this image?" Well if you knew my brother-in-law, you would understand his ego and what is going on. Rich is a really fun and outgoing person. Rarely, you will ever see him caught up in negative thoughts or energy around him. He's one of the reasons why I think so positively in my life...he really is right. Positivity is the best medicine. The positive energy you create really does reflect how you view and experience life. So, back to this image. This image was taken when Rich was going through his cancer days. This is basically his "cancer-free" tiger-themed event. Notice how he still keeps his head up? From this image, you can tell that he wants to have fun and BOX up haha. However I believe the boxing gloves do symbolize something: fighting back cancer. It's sad, and I don't want to go too much in detail about this, but I believe that this image explains alot. While trying to keep up a positive attitude, Rich is boxing/fighting back that cancer! As for the Asian guys in the background...they look awfully scared! =/ Ehh, Rich tends to give that vibe to people from time to time. (Just kidding Rich!) Like I said, if you really get to know him...he's a chill and laid back man. To add a little bit of humor to this image, I had to add the "pow" and the "Oh no!" to the picture. I hope Rich enjoys seeing this when he reads this blog!

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